Driving Range Golf Lessons In London

There is only one place to start learning to play golf, and that is the driving range. The driving range provides you with the freedom to make changes to your swing without the worry of a scorecard in your hand. 

Here at Dukes Meadows Golf in London we have a very high quality 50 bay driving range which is also floodlit in the evenings and open until 10 o’clock, so you can practice well into the night if you so desire! 

We only have the best quality mats for you to practice on and a variety of different sized tees so you can use very club in the bag. Our range is also 250 yards long with a high net so you can even get the driver out!

Golf Lessons In London

There are many yardage markers for you to aim at and also several greens with flags in, so it  really does feels like you’re on golf course when you practice which is obviously great for your game and confidence, and is the closest thing you will get to playing real golf unless you are on the golf course! 

So if you are after driving range golf lesson in London please feel free to contact me with any questions or just purely if you want to book a golf lesson in.

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